Condition of Air

by George Korein and the Spleen



If you're looking for the "pop single", it's track 2.


released October 7, 2012

Recorded in Philadelphia mostly in 2012, but some parts go back as far as 2006 and most of the lyrics to "Dark Trees Dark Skies" go back to 2000.

All songs written by George Korein. All the lyrics to "Dreamnose" except "The other night I had a dream..." by Hattie Walsh-Korein, age 3. Travis helped with the verse progression of "The Sky Heaved".

Produced by George Korein and Barry Knob.

Recorded and mixed by Barry Knob and George Korein at Retro City Studios and elsewhere.

Instruments mainly recorded by GK at home, vocals recorded by Barry in studio, except "You'd Have To Be In My Dream" instruments recorded by Barry in studio and "Reality" vocals recorded by GK at home.

Additional recording on "The Sky Heaved", "Living in a Past" and "Sobriety I Decided" by Jeff Zeigler at Uniform Recording.

Mastered by Mark Trewella at Full Circle Mastering

Paintbrush guitar on "You'd Have To Be In My Dream", ominous verse rumbles and irie chanks on "The Sky Heaved", co-tambourine and backing vox on "Sobriety I Decided" by Travis Woodson.

Drums on "Living in a Past" by Ricardo Lagomasino.




George Korein and the Spleen Philadelphia

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Track Name: Condition of Air
Give yourself up to what's cold and crisp
Give yourself up to what's hot and dry
Give yourself up in the humidity
In the ether we can all fly and fall
The seasons tenderly tenderize a mind
Disparate presents connected by air
Notice time leaving us behind
We don't take comfort there
Somewhere there's a ritual that binds us in suspense
Somewhere there's air that rips your soul out
and dangles it in front of your face for fun
They sell it for exorbitant prices
To true connoisseurs, i guess i'm one

Give me some air in rationed amounts
and i'll be your friend for a limited time
I'll breath some air to crisp your flesh
You'll be indelibly marked, regrettably so
The slow air hits my face, with no deliberate force,
and nothing is nigh
Track Name: You'd Have To Be In My Dream
They say you're only free in dreams and dreaming is free
These episodic visitations from outside reality
But what if my dreams are stupid and mundane
I'm punished for deeming dreams another dead-end game

I've stopped paying attention to my dreams
I no longer found them useful or interesting
They are almost worthless to try to describe
But all the more reason they should be privately prized

This one solipsism is even over my line
This one solipsism i've decided to deny
Because the fruits gleaned with lucid control
Are so internal as to seem merely autoerotic

But there was this one dream a long time ago
A car with no driver alone on the road
It was perfectly still, asphalt flew under wheels
I was a disembodied spectator in awe

I guess you had to be there
Track Name: I Was Entertained
I was entertained
I shouldn't complain
I was entertained
You can write that on my grave
Fell into some reveries
Some of my best memories
I was entertained

The iceberg tip
Sustained me for decades
I read by the shaft of sun
That lands in my cave
Sometimes I'm barely there
But I still love the air

As I fixed my gaze
On sounds and words
So I shall
On coins or birds
It's a matter
Of survival
I am entertained
Track Name: Sobriety I Decided
Keeping my perception broom clean
Sobriety I decided
Has enough highs and lows for me
Track Name: Living in a Past
Living in a past that's not worth living in
The future's coming fast and soon I'll be giving in
Time doesn't last when you don't have any discipline
Track Name: Dreamnose
don't snatch it before i love it

black, black, come in the rainbow

the other night i had a dream in which i was crying because i was so grateful for the sun for rising each day
Track Name: The Sky Heaved
One summer cool, one summer scorching
Unseasonable swings in odd proportion
Autumn justified our apprehension
Weeks upon weeks of torrential drenching

The sky heaved
Like you would not believe
It heaved again
We could not get relief
The sky heaved
Offering no reprieve
It heaved again
Heaping helpings of grey grief

The winter came, deluge of snow
The clouds menstruated with heavy flow
We were buried for weeks, immobilized
And when we thawed out, surprise surprise

Next winter was no winter at all
More like a mild and mellow fall
Spring was long and beautiful
First heat brought out the cannibals
Track Name: Dark Trees Dark Skies
On a nighttime highway drive
All you see on either side
Dark trees against dark skies
Seems like darkness worldwide
On a nighttime highway drive
All you see on either side
Dark trees against dark skies
Dark feel from when you were a child
You could ride forever
Never knowing who you are
Until you realize it is too late
And you have gone too far
It is too late to go back home
So you lay beneath dark trees alone
Listening to the world moan
And wondering "why go on"
As if you'd never see the dawn
Track Name: Supreme Love And Its Opposite, The World-Hating Clown
Track Name: Joy of Reality
The sky is overcast
There is liberty one
I am standing next to a soda machine
That isn't there anymore
"Is it Frank's? Thanks!"
I'm alone in front of an old garage
Which would later would be new
Nothing good, nothing bad
Everything is true

Reality is a Philadelphia day
Really in reality it's exactly that way
Reality is a Philadelphia day
Reality can be okay
Reality is a Philadelphia day
Reality is the way