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Effortless Quest

by George Korein and the Spleen

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From when I wake and use the bathroom Brush my teeth, wash up, dress and groom First fresh air I intake Lungs inflate with effortless bliss Every drink and bite of food Blow my nose, fart and cough Scratch an itch, quick victories Readily available in rapid succession The interval between pleasures never long Orgasms can be fun Alone or with someone And to top it off, I drift away Eyelid movies to end the day With each function I am rewarded, it’s so easy Our days are filled with basic joys Pleasure after pleasure, hit after hit Our days are filled with basic joys Pleasure after pleasure after pleasure Hit after hit after hit after hit after hit after hit of effortless bliss Before each hit is done I’m thinking about the next one
Analogues, iterations to infinity Moratorium on the deconstruction of tropes Palette-swaps into perpetuity Believe in the attributes of properties Character, setting, story, cyclically created Reboot or new echo, most mutations don’t make it Adapt or extrapolate for each generation Public will test the pantheon’s plasticity Then, one day, calamity Well ran dry at the fantasy factory You have been chosen, our only hope Follow the dream, find the fuel Quest across the swamps of genre Ford the river of stygian retcon Take the flight, the flight of fancy Defeat the nemesis against no odds You’re a hero, an inspiration What’s more, what’s less, you’re the latest variation In the saga that sprawls in perpetual spiral Chosen to follow the dream and exude the platitude Manifest the moral of the parable As you traverse the multiverse to break the curse Collecting easter eggs and giving fan service Pace your decompression as you re-emerge
Ambling Man 02:18
You say you're a rambling man And the open road is calling you You say you've got to sail on To find out if the eighth sea is green or blue You say you've got the wanderlust And your thirst for adventure will never be slaked Well i say if you’re man enough I’ve got a quest for you to take: Stay home, raise your kids, do your wife, do your job Can it with your fantasy, you aren't fooling me It's a drag I know, where your woman runs the show, but The voyage you envision leads straight down the gutter You project romance onto other lands You want to project into others' pants Go on and gamble away your hand And you'll shamble into some filthy den of filth Not blazing trails where there is no road But chasing tails way down the low road The weight of umpteen vices on your midlife crisis You'll be hungover before the night is over So, [CHORUS]
3 3 3 3 3 17 That is how my ability scores
I'm a sunset rider I'm a sugar glider It's my solipsistic world, not yours I'll get people to do my chores I'm a sunset glider Full of sugar, full of fire I come drool-injected Faux-Aztec-inflected I'm an art deco cowboy In an imaginary Tulsa I'm an art deco cowboy In a conceptual Tulsa I'm an art deco cowboy In a Tulsa
From stifling security, I can see The abyss of freedom What would I do with me, lost at sea The abyss of freedom Less direction, less reck, less feck From a heaven full of headache to bottomless heck Your head is out the window when you crane your neck Toward the abyss of freedom Fantasies of misery, mundane safari Of my daydreamin’ Dispatches direct or implied, confide, deride The abyss of freedom Takes a braver, more determined soul than I One with a stronger sense of purpose and goals than I To navigate that ocean and not languish, awry, In the abyss of freedom
MacGuffins suddenly everywhere Sprouting from the trees A rush, a scramble, a frenzy Hope they still hold currency If I mount my high horse Then they’d surely be in reach Cull ‘em by the bushel Come stock up, don't be shy I will net a prize haul I hear no apprisal I fear no reprisal This will be my true arrival As foretold by oracle and seer As foreseen in the sybilline 8-ball As foreknown by the tarot palmist Who ouija-boarded all this As the soothsayer soothsaid, foresooth, In truth it surely will be truth Hubris, shmoobris I’ll drive the sun, I’ll drive the sea I’ll stream it on Steam from my couch for free Go me
Knight of the Wood Knight of the Mirrors Knight of the White Moon The reality check that unseams your dreams I am truth, I am doom I come from home to bring you home Hit close to home, cut to the bone You're superfluous, an architectural folly Rambling and tedious I hit hard when I blurt out the hurtful truth I don't hold back and I'm backed by actual proof Party's over, may have been fun while it lasted But you're coming home now so you can shop for your casket I am gravity (Comeuppance) Reality (Coming up) Sanity (From your hometown) Calamity (I'll run you down) The deflation (Comes down to) Of vanity (A comedown) The defeat (When you're shown up) Of humanity (In a showdown) I am Sampson Corrasco I'm too real for you
Let the years blow through me Faster and shorter, logarithmically Let the money roll off of me Back to the sea, the economy Back to the sea, back to the sea All is done and well, I don't know why I was blessed Let the rest be laid to rest Thanks for the good, I'm sorry for the bad And as time heals, I start to suspect that Life and death isn't really life and death
Forever Old 04:35
I was young, it was not fun Maybe it could have been But I was too dumb Soon I'll be old, can't wait to try it Could be fun, could be a riot Saturn is such a sad sad song But maybe Gustav got it wrong Dylan, Sparks, Alphaville Questing like Ponce de Leon They've got to know when to fold Set their sights a little lower Find the other fountain Quaff an ample amount and Savor the flavor Ah, to be forever old


Macguffin Mania video:


released April 19, 2019

All songs by GK
Effortless Bliss music co-written by Hattie Korein

Steve Honoshowsky - drums (1, 3)
Ricardo Lagomasino - drums (4)
Eli Litwin - drums (8)
Alex Vallejo - electric guitars (8, from 1:47 onward)
Jessica Buno and Barry Knob - backing vox (4, 10)
Spleentones - backing vox (9)
Zach Goldstein - mandolin (1), synth bass advisor (2)

Everything else and cover photo by GK

Variously Recorded and Mixed by:

Barry Knob at Retro City Studios
Colin Marston at Menegroth the Thousand Caves
Zach Goldstein at Kawari Sound Studios
GK at home

Mastered by James Plotkin




George Korein and the Spleen Philadelphia

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