Full of Song (album)

by George Korein and the Spleen



"Mid-2000s Philadelphia was a fun place to hear weirdo rock music, and it brought about some seriously amazing records. An important figure on that scene is local legend George Korein.
We played a bunch of music together from around 2005-2009 (or something like that), when George was releasing such classics (as far as I'm concerned) as Too Many Days, The Naked Mall Rats, and Art Jerks, as well as soooo many others.
Now, George has released Full of Song, which I think follows the same thread as Naked Mall Rats and Art Jerks and features a 2008 version of myself on guitar!
As far as I'm concerned, this is seriously some of GK's best stuff."

- Nick Millevoi


released May 21, 2014

Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=48F2JARLt8w&list=UUa5Gm2EWArzCUWigookng4A

Nick Millevoi -- lead guitar
Ricardo Lagomasino -- drums
Matt Engle -- upright bass
GK -- vox, guitar, synth, bass

Dan Blacksberg -- trombone on "I'm Not Me"
Travis Woodson -- guitar on "I Made Up My Mind"

Guitars and drums recorded in one day by Bruce Howze at Red Planet, Oct. 2008
Vocals, keys, upright, trombone recorded by Barry Knob at Retro City, on different days in early 2014
Mixed by Barry Knob
Mastered by Mark Trewella at Full Circle Mastering




George Korein and the Spleen Philadelphia

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Track Name: Full of Song
I am full of song
Melody flows forth from me
Lyricism is my middle name

What could possibly go wrong
My voice is strong
I'm not ashamed

I am full of song
I am going to resonate at you
I've much to sing

I am filled to the brim
To sing fully my whim
You can't do anything

Why should I be held to standards?
Why should I be placed in the context of precedent?
Why should I be held to standards?
Why should I be faced with the light of history?
Why should I be held to standards?
Why should I be placed in the context of tradition?

Here's what I want you to do.
I want you to forget everything you've ever heard before
And hear me sing something you've heard before
And say "Wow, that's something I've never heard before"

I've got what it takes to go far
The choice voice to deliver the repertoire
To the abbatoir
So let's send to the abbatoir
Track Name: Dancing and Crying
You want someone who is dancing and crying
Crying and dancing, the essence of romancing
But I just can't seem to do it
When I'm dancing, I'm not crying
When I'm crying, I'm not dancing
And it's not for a lack of trying
Track Name: I'm Not Me
I'm not me
Can't seem to find the energy
To differentiate a personality
And thus,
I'm not me
A composite husk
Some directionless dust
Cast in your image
Cliche components
Embedded in my visage
A human follower
Not constructing apart
I don't pull from a vacuum
And create wholly unrecognizable art
Maybe it's because...
I'm not me
Track Name: Talk Is Very Expensive
You never should have opened that door
Now it won't stay closed anymore
You never should have said those words
But the silence, the itch, and then they are heard

The thought once embedded, cannot be extracted
A pungent pointless price has been exacted
Careless contamination of a mind's wellspring
Like it's no big thing

You could and so you did
You can and so you will

Talk is very expensive
Track Name: I Like To Be Bored
I like to be bored, I like to do boring things
I like to see boring shows, I like to do nothing
I like to sing boring songs, so you can be bored too
I like to do boring things, what do you like to do?

I like to be bored because I like the dull ache
I think you'd be surprised at how much I can take
So baby, bring it if you got it -- Can you bore with the best?
I throw down, I don't clown, cowboy, just try and test!

I killed argus with my starkness, I'm mundane and dry
I crush your fun under ten tons of drab and make you cry
I mainline malaise into your cerebellum
I fill the pits in your discs and suck the ink out your vellum
I swipe the spring out of your step, and flatten your affect
I sully all your joys and leave you jaded and bereft

You could try to bore me, but you'd only fascinate me
I can excite myself with blandness that recurs daily
Track Name: Masters of Love
The sun is warm, the wind is colder
I'm not getting smarter just getting older
The road to hell is paved with humiliation
Careless lack of consideration

I was broken in by
The masters of love,
Who never let me down
The master of love,
Who I let down

The masters of love,
Have never let me down
The master of love,
I let them down
Track Name: You Have Blanks
You have blanks
You love blank
You hate blank
You want blank
You need blank
You blank blank

Let me fill them in for you

The response seeks a stimulus
Spontaneous self-justifying symptom
Track Name: I Made Up My Mind
I made up my mind
It took a long time
I made up my mind
And it will be fine

My brain was split in twain
From riding the fence for so long
My heart was in two parts
Always living with my eye on the door
How long can i go with half an ass
Get my half-ass up off the floor

And make up my mind
It takes a long time
I make up my mind
So it will be fine