Roar of the Corpsepaint, Smell of the Shroud

by Grim Shady



released March 10, 2015

Recorded by George Korein in 2003.
Mixed by George Korein and Barry Knob 2014.
Mastered by James Plotkin 2015.
Cover photo 2015 George Korein.
Corpsepaint design by Hattie Korein.




George Korein and the Spleen Philadelphia

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Track Name: Roar of the Corpsepaint, Smell of the Shroud
Yo Grim, a lot of suckers been talking, fronting like they don't know, on some straight Christian shit. Are you gonna drop this grimitive science on the masses or what?

No doubt, no doubt. Gotta set the record straight and let these fools know about the kind of shit that happens in Scandinavia like every day.

So grim this curse, ebony rims on my hearse
I turn out the lights on this dim universe
Imperial decay, I'm chilling in the frost
You don't look northern, try not to get lost
It'll cost you your life when the bitter wind bites
The ice and I get nice, but you pay the price
Your body will be ripe for some pagan rites
Satanic oversight so we smite you just right
Stay manic overnight with no need for light
Just a morsel to ensorcel, not even a fight
The four horsemen get Norse with the 8-legged steeds
My man Mephistopheles always got the best weed
Lucifer scratches and cuts the breaks 'til they bleed
Baal's balling christian virgins and spreading the seed
Succubi looking fly, stealing souls with their teats
Baphomet brings blast beats, the "amulet of fast feet"

Grim shady coming your way from Norway,
Colder than a sorbet, vicious with the swordplay

We keep the doubles kicking with the tremolo picking
You stumbled into trouble, now hell's flames are licking
We keep our flows rasping while you're barely gasping
Your life and your soul is all we're really asking
The beast in me, I can't stop it, purely lycanthropic
Few can hang with my fang slang, those who do try to cop it
Claw y'all on the full moon, make a maiden swoon
Bring doom to your door, entomb you poor suckers
The way I freak the beat is as bleak as it gets
My sepulchral herbals dank like an oubliette
And I light them ablaze like the northern skies
To learn the meaning of kaos just look into my eyes
When the infernal legion steps up in your region
Winter will become the only season and you'll be freezing
Take you on tours of new Sodoms, new Gomorrahs
Hellfire through guitar wires, you can't ignore us
Track Name: Hellspawn Fabulous
I blaspheme while making cream and nightmares out of dreams
Lowriding with my fiends to bite teens, ignite scenes
I leave no witnesses to add me to Jehovah's shitlist
Intoxicated on nightshade, loving the sickness
I pattern my life after the loopings of entrails
Gathered from graveyards when the moonlight is pale

Depraved, reprobate, unashamed of your conflagrant
Fate, you've faced and embraced your true calling
Liberated to join us libertines in debauchery
Dissolute carnal abandon is our philosophy
Ready to partake of the birthrights of the flesh
No longer a restrained slave, living a death
Nothing's accidental, we invoke inverted providence
Infernal intervention creates burning monuments

[Gloom Fogg verse, too kvlt to comprehend]

Hellspawn fabulous, trust, bloodlust is a must
You ain’t nothing but a cadaver to us
Track Name: Chambers of Diss
Welcome to my chambers of diss, numbering 616
Knowledge i drop deeper than the abyss
It doesn't get any more necrotic than this
As it is i'm not sure you can handle it
Axis pedals batter kicks on some brutal ish
The force i bring is of biblical proportions
They forgot to tell you 'bout me, the fifth horseman
Armada rising from the depths on a mission of death
We've come to piss poison in the river of flesh
We topple your metropolis, pillage and plunder
Burn it down to the ground 'til all is asunder
There will be no reprieve, there will be no relief
I step with the antichrist, you're just a petty thief
So weep a little, wail, maybe gnash your teeth
Cause we who bear the mark will always bring beef