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Trilobites at the Sestercentennial

by George Korein and the Spleen

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This bedding I was shredding I'm now shedding, jettisoning Soon regretting and having to re-get it A bit pathetic, but I was restless and testy And aiming blame at my environs When catharsis was glimpsed Through a misguided act of defiance Jettison that, now cull it! Jettison, now cull, CULL! HARVEST! Here's the new Feng Shui: Take all you have, throw it away Get it again, cycle of waste Or hold on to it and watch it break Sanitation and sanity Can cause a loss of memory Or you can choose to be buried In your sentimental history
There you go again so shameless Complaining about being famous Don't worry, the pain's as short as a shot from the nurse I foresee your destiny Soon the law of gravity Will kick your stratospheric trajectory in reverse It's a long way to the bottom But you'll make it, I know you will It's a quick way to the bottom So take it, you've had your fill I know you're under duress Over your own success Congratulations and adulation leave you hurting Look on the bright side, guy Even birds don't perpetually fly Tomorrow's high tide will relieve you of your burden
Delve into microfiche, exhume the vendettas Breathe new life into grueling dueling narratives Unforgive, unforget, unsettle the score Unforgiver, unforgetter, bygones be reborn Old weapons, new weapons, Polemic pandemic, culture war Obfuscate, legitimize, normalize through rebranding, bygones be reborn Progress is not a given, history never ends Regression is an option, history portends Working on your spite moves, Jumping into the fryer to prove you’re not chicken Long for yesteryore, the kings and wars, The mu'minīn and the kafir, The chosen and the goy, The saved and the heathens Authoritarian echoes in triple parentheses Denial of intent might have been believable, once Coincidence detector detects your modus, own this Identitarians soapboxing poison in the plaza, unforgive more Pissing on the procession like its their profession, unsettling the score Macroaggression in the comments section Bygones be reborn Semi-anonymous intolerant expression Bygones be reborn Pushing shockjockracy Bygones be reborn Pulling the Overton window Bygones be reborn Tribes, bloodlines Bygones be reborn Relapse, revoke the good times Hate speech, hate crimes Bygones be reborn Collapse, provoke the bad times Bygones be reborn False equivalency, fearful asymmetry Bygones be reborn How many months will it take to lose a century Bygones be reborn We die by low blows on the high road to hell Bygones be reborn Will Pax Americana fall? Rome fell. Bygones be reborn Now the winners ask us to bury the hatchet, The hatchet which they drove through the head of the world. They brought back the bygones, let the bygones be unfurled.
Society Is The Solution
Wristband 05:57
74 years of accumulated wisdom Delving deeper and deeper Toward the inner sanctum Of the human condition Have, in the extremity of life's expedition Returned with this The unearthed final conclusion: I've got a wristband You need a wristband Are you a tit man or an ass man? I'm a wrist man, thanks man Found out down at the ashram Check out this plan, get in this van Going down to wristland, wristland Wristband Tennessee I have reason to believe We will shall be received With a wristband Amethyst chrysalis in the vista Persistently emanating wristband Identity and morality undermined By tribulations endured in pursuit of wristband Personhood capriciously granted and revoked by wristband Entire cultures contorted into unrecognizable inversions under the inescapable influence of wristband Unfathomable consequences impossible to foresee in light of the awesome forces unleashed by wristband Contours of a terrible new future take form in the indelible shape of wristband Every vow forsaken in the unforgivable wake of wristband In your face, waistband, get a taste of the wasteland Precepts retroactively replaced according to the vicissitudes of wristband Laws of physics invalidated thoroughly by wristband Einstein discredited by wristband Neil Degrasse Tyson humiliated by wristband Single-payer healthcare system enacted in the US by wristband Only available to citizens wearing a wristband Doesn't have to be THE wristband, Just A wristband Let's be specific The wristband is intrinsic It excites the sadistic The results are in: Every loss, wrist win Reveling in the revelation of our frailties Foretelling the termination of our determination It is natural in this situation to scream But we can only whimper "Wristband" Take off your wristband Hand me your wristband Thanks, man
Soon all the boomers will be dead We'll all have phones inside our heads And the 20th century will finally die Lasted more than a century Cast a long shadow on you and me Soon the 20th century will make good on goodbye We'll turn our heads to look where we are going and step out blindly into the unknowing Utopia, dystopia, both growing Sometimes we'll think we glimpse a ghost Our inland empires on new coast The artifacts around us like a blanket As we build betwixt the bones we'll softly sigh: "You were good, you were long You were full of cars and bombs We thought you might be our last one, Now you've died"
So, having succeeded in transforming attendees from jingoistic yahoos and cantankerous cyborgs into the platonic ideal of all lifeforms, class Trilobita, and commandeered the time machine to send these new enlightened bites back to the Cambrian armed with 21st century knowledge, technology, telepathy and telekinesis, the extinction of the Trilobite was prevented. Had you been around in, say, the 21st century, you would've found trilobites everywhere from the shallow shore to the deep sea. The world would've been swarming with them.


Trilobites at the Tricentennial is part 1 of 2 of a trilogy.
Trilobites at the Sestercentennial is part 2 of 2 of a TRILOgy.

The US sestercentennial is the year 2026.


released February 6, 2020

Recorded and mixed variously by Barry Knob, Colin Marston, Zach Goldstein and GK

Mastered by Alex Nagle

Cover art designed by GK, illustrated by Doan Trang

Jessica Buno and Barry Knob - backing vocals on 2
Christian Moehring - drum reinforcement on 2
Matt Hollenberg — FX pedals on Wristband
Richard Fortey - "Sestercentennial" narration
Nick Millevoi - guitar on 4 and 6
The Spleentones - vocals on 4
Rachel Icenogle - electric cellos on 4
Hamilton Belk - pedal steel guitar on 4
Eli Litwin - drums on 4

"When the 20th Century Ends" music co-written by Nick Millevoi


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George Korein and the Spleen Philadelphia

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