Bygones Be Reborn

by George Korein and the Spleen



Delve into microfiche, exhume the vendettas
Breathe new life into grueling dueling narratives
Unforgive, unforget, unsettle the score
Unforgiver, unforgetter, bygones be reborn
Old weapons, new weapons,
Polemic pandemic, culture war
Value signalling for the alt-right-wing, bygones be reborn

Progress is not a given, history never ends
Regression is an option, history portends
Working on your spite moves,
Jumping into the fryer to prove you’re not chicken
Long for yesteryore, the kings and wars,
The mu'minīn and the kafir,
The chosen and the goy,
The saved and the heathens

Authoritarian echoes in triple parentheses
Denial of intent might have been believable, once
Coincidence detector detects your modus, own this
Identitarians soapboxing poison in the plaza, unforgive more
Pissing on the procession like its their profession, unsettling the score
Macroaggression in the comments section
Bygones be reborn
Semi-anonymous intolerant expression
Bygones be reborn
Pushing shockjockracy
Bygones be reborn
Pulling the Overton window
Bygones be reborn
Tribes, bloodlines
Bygones be reborn
Relapse, revoke the good times
Hate speech, hate crimes
Bygones be reborn
Collapse, provoke the bad times
Bygones be reborn
False equivalency, fearful asymmetry
Bygones be reborn
How many months will it take to lose a century
Bygones be reborn
We die by low blows on the high road to hell
Bygones be reborn
Will Pax Americana fall? Rome fell.
Bygones be reborn
Now the winners ask us to bury the hatchet,
The hatchet which they drove through the head of the world.
They brought back the bygones, let the bygones be unfurled.


released November 16, 2016
GK - Nylon-string guitar, bass, clavinet, unsequenced drum machine

Recording (vocals and guitar) and mixing at Retro City Studios by Barry Knob
Mastered by James Plotkin




George Korein and the Spleen Philadelphia

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