Long Way to the Bottom (But You'll Make It)

by George Korein and the Spleen



There you go again so shameless
Complaining about being famous
Don't worry, the pain's as short as a shot from the nurse
I foresee your destiny
Soon the law of gravity
Will kick your stratospheric trajectory in reverse

It's a long way to the bottom
But you'll make it, I know you will
It's a quick way to the bottom
So take it, you've had your fill

I know you're under duress
Over your own success
Congratulations and adulation leave you hurting
Look on the bright side, guy
Even birds don't perpetually fly
Tomorrow's tide will relieve you of your burden


released June 19, 2017
Christian Moehring -- drums
GK -- bass, organ, vox, drum program
Jessica Buno and Barry Knob -- backing vox

Recording (drums and vox) and mixing by Barry Knob at Retro City Studios
Mastered by James Plotkin




George Korein and the Spleen Philadelphia

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