Proud to be Ashamed

by George Korein and the Spleen

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Number of sexual partners, often inflated by men and deflated by women
Personal income and earnings, often inflated when low and deflated when high
Feelings of low self-worth and/or powerlessness, often denied
Excretory functions, often approached uncomfortably, if discussed at all
Compliance with medicinal dosing schedules, often inflated
Religion, either avoided or uncomfortably approached
Patriotism, either inflated or, if denied, done so with a fear of other party's judgment
Bigotry and intolerance, often denied, even if it exists within the responder
Intellectual achievements, often inflated
Physical appearance, either inflated or deflated
Acts of real or imagined physical violence, often denied
Indicators of charity or benevolence, often inflated
Illegal acts, often denied

Proud to be ashamed


released July 25, 2017
GK -- dulcimer, bass, guitar, drum buttons, vocals
Jessie Bennett -- backing vocals

Images by Dylan Pecora

Mixed by Zach Goldstein at Kawari Sound
Mastered by James Plotkin




George Korein and the Spleen Philadelphia

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