Relinquish the Anguish

by George Korein and the Spleen

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When I was little
Ultima IV taught me
one of the eight virtues
is humility.
I don't think I understood
The definition of humility.

Tori Amos told me
that for 15 minutes a day
she was totally honest with herself
even though it hurt like hell
Well, Tori, whatever I thought you meant,
I've been doing it 15 hours a day
I'm keeping busy, I'm in the loop

I keep it real, I keep it raw
If I never rise, how can I fall?
Became an autodidact of automalediction
As if the price of absolution is mere admission

Relinquish the anguish
It's part of me
It's my favorite part
Where would i be
Without self-flagellating corrupted honesty

Relinquish the anguish
Give in to fantasy
You're deluded, dying from your death grip
On reality
You think you'll win a prize,
O miser of misery?
You think you live in victory,
Unimpeachable killjoy
With a six foot radius?
Well you don't get to win,
I decree it
You must give in
To love


released June 16, 2017
GK - sequence, vox
Lizbot - vocals
Ricardo Lagomasino - drumkit loop
Enya - sample of Enya

Recording (vocals) by Barry Knob and GK at Retro City
Recording (drumkit) by Jeff Zeigler at Uniform
Mastered by James Plotkin
Recorded in 2015




George Korein and the Spleen Philadelphia

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