Thissed By That

by George Korein and the Spleen

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I alight from nowhere,
Hidden in the nether realm
Descend from air portal
A scourge from above,
Wildly waving the tools of my trade
I invert the bucket and proceed to scoop,
You're slathered in spackle, there is no escape
Your body's perimeter is encased in goop,
Soon to crust over, inculcate and flake

Surely this will be of detriment to your complexion
You must scrub and wash, moisturize, exfoliate
And so you are rendered prone to I, the merciless
Your shackling, cackling, spackling captor and master of your fate

Thissed by that
Thissed by that, you've been
Thissed by that
Thissed by that you have been

I'm suspended with hooks from suction cups affixed to the ceiling
Tremendously inconvenienced, I have been
I have claimed the discomfort that is my birthright
My respiration is strained and irregular
Subluxations occur in my lumbar vertebrae
Mucus slithers from sinuses to drip out the nostrils
I am helpless to wipe my nose
My body is wracked with sneezes, victim of allergies
Who must I appease to be released from this grief?

Thissed by that
Thissed by that, I've been
Thissed by that
Thissed by that I have been


GK - sequence, vocals

Lyrics circa 2002.
Composition circa 2006.
Mixing, editing, effects, layers, 2015.
Mixing and hi-hat by Barry Knob.
Mastered by James Plotkin.




George Korein and the Spleen Philadelphia

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