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Conure Gammarauder

by George Korein and the Spleen

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The king of the crimson-bellied conures Infernal bird from the inferno conjured Squawking, squeaking, snurfle-nurfle speaking Wreaking havoc, I panic like a weakling Cause here he flaps, and thar he craps Three wingbeats closer, now he wing-slaps With the mettle to meddle and nettle, Unsettle my synapse, and squeal like a tea kettle Straining my peripheral sight, vociferous and he bite ‘Twould be wrong to fight, so he makes me take flight Staking his claim, he cranes his neck Puffs the fluff on his chest and his ruff like “don’t test” If he was crested he’d use it to express this Emerge from her shirt, protecting his best bliss Domineering, gearing up, rearing up Peck my neck, what the heck, want me tearing up? Self-anointed feathers, however you groom You better make room, you’ll never be my bride’s bridegroom Iridescent, but plucks his own plumage We used to be tight, man, but man, you just doomed it Used to be bright red, now that’s all shed Now you cause dread, you little green hot-head We fed you millet yet you spill it, need a bib and a meal net You think that I ‘am your real pet? You want to throw a coup? You know what’s good for you? As a tropical despot you’d know what to do? I assembled your transparent cage Yet fall victim to your errant rage It’s apparent at this stage You don’t want to behave, knave Go blow off that steam at a parrot rave You knock over bottles with a battle cry Same sound when you bathe and make the water fly Until your drinking bowl is very nearly dry You used to let me pet you and close your eye You used to push your head into my finger To make the petting linger longer You think you’re stronger than a songbird You’re not stronger than this song, bird Just ‘cause you’re named Fripp and you’re crimson, bird, You’re not king Got another thing coming, you heard?
Tarkus is an armadillo tank A bioborg gammarauder, very high rank ‘Elp, you need somebody  ELP, not just anybody Emerson Lake and Palmer for the soundtrack Tarkus, the artist, power to pound a mound flat Pterodactyl tried to rain down terror Tarkus blew it from the sky and it knew its error Turtle with silos and bendy antenna and shields  Embedded, still got killed, its tenure ended Chromedome cricket, rockets on its hub cap Wished it stayed home when Tarkus gave it the slap The manticore had the advantage of a stinger I hate that manti’ more than Steven Singer Scratched my hero Tarkus right on the eyeball Reprehensible venom — it’s not right, y’all Tarkus took a dip in the rapid river Aquatarkus marine maneuver  The armadillo tank who swims away Lives to hatch from a volcanic egg another day


released January 9, 2022




George Korein and the Spleen Philadelphia

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