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Spleen Songbook Vol. 2

by George Korein and the Spleen

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I'm not me Can't seem to find the energy To differentiate a personality And thus, I'm not me A composite husk Some directionless dust Cast in your image Cliche components Embedded in my visage A human follower Not constructing apart I don't pull from a vacuum And create wholly unrecognizable art Maybe it's because... I'm not me
There you go again so shameless Complaining about being famous Don't worry, the pain's as short as a shot from the nurse I foresee your destiny Soon the law of gravity Will kick your stratospheric trajectory in reverse It's a long way to the bottom But you'll make it, I know you will It's a quick way to the bottom So take it, you've had your fill I know you're under duress Over your own success Congratulations and adulation leave you hurting Look on the bright side, guy Even birds don't perpetually fly Tomorrow's high tide will relieve you of your burden
Sound radiates and irritates All within proximity Sound radiates and irritates With no sense of civility God give me earlids So I can have a choice God give me earlids So I can block out your voice
You want someone who is dancing and crying Crying and dancing, the essence of romancing But I just can't seem to do it When I'm dancing, I'm not crying When I'm crying, I'm not dancing And it's not for a lack of trying
Red pandas in the blue hour Spooning deep into the coze Reveling in the comfort Hallowed and ballyhooed Do I like this? Yes! It is good! Mammals are we, intrinsically My fellow, my fellow bedfellow, Cozing deep into the spoon Reveling in the comfort We have known it, and it is good
I'm putting my limbs in the recycling bin My head in the lost and found Became a torso donor so I could find a new owner Torso transplants are the hot thing now What does that leave me left with? Nothing but the best bit Intangibly floating free No limits, no clipping Slide through the wall Now all walls are transparent Float in the void Outside the aquarium Go on, go on, Roll on through Enter any window-wall you choose No clipping No clipping No clipping
Delve into microfiche, exhume the vendettas Breathe new life into grueling dueling narratives Unforgive, unforget, unsettle the score Unforgiver, unforgetter, bygones be reborn Old weapons, new weapons, Polemic pandemic, culture war Obfuscate, legitimize, normalize through rebranding, bygones be reborn Progress is not a given, history never ends Regression is an option, history portends Working on your spite moves, Jumping into the fryer to prove you’re not chicken Long for yesteryore, the kings and wars, The mu'minīn and the kafir, The chosen and the goy, The saved and the heathens Authoritarian echoes in triple parentheses Denial of intent might have been believable, once Coincidence detector detects your modus, own this Identitarians soapboxing poison in the plaza, unforgive more Pissing on the procession like its their profession, unsettling the score Macroaggression in the comments section Bygones be reborn Semi-anonymous intolerant expression Bygones be reborn Pushing shockjockracy Bygones be reborn Pulling the Overton window Bygones be reborn Tribes, bloodlines Bygones be reborn Relapse, revoke the good times Hate speech, hate crimes Bygones be reborn Collapse, provoke the bad times Bygones be reborn False equivalency, fearful asymmetry Bygones be reborn How many months will it take to lose a century Bygones be reborn We die by low blows on the high road to hell Bygones be reborn Will Pax Americana fall? Rome fell. Bygones be reborn Now the winners ask us to bury the hatchet, The hatchet which they drove through the head of the world. They brought back the bygones, let the bygones be unfurled.


Cover versions of George Korein songs

"Lobe Stub Soup" is a collage


released April 11, 2023

Mixing on 1-3, 5-8 by Zach Goldstein
Mastering by Alex Nagle

Drawing by Dylan Sparrow
Collaged by GK
Photo by Liz Bot

Thanks to Shana Kapeluck for helping me conceive of this project




George Korein and the Spleen Philadelphia

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