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by George Korein and the Spleen

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What I’m hearing is… I want to choose my words carefully here… It’s pretty straightforward. The guitar shit, it’s, y’know, it’s a little stock. So I started trying to introduce some kind of edge to it on the drums. Those things we throw out to each other are complete bullshit, you know? “It sounds too stock. It sounds too normal to me.” Ya know what I mean? You’re saying this shit so you can get your point across about doing a drumbeat. I mean, y’know, it doesn’t hold any water. I think it’s fucking stock! Which part of this is unclear to you? I think it sounds stock to my ears. Do you want me to write it down?
You got your mom a vaccine You got my mom a vaccine You got your dad a vaccine You got my dad a vaccine You got you a vaccine You got me a vaccine I bow before thee The vaccine queen We salute thee The vaccine queen To every vaccine queen On the vaccine scene Getting folks vaccines You're peachy keen To every vaccine queen On the vaccine scene Giving folks vaccines You're peachy keen
We came to throw bars and we don’t mean fire These bars are made of granola entire At each exit we give a little provision ‘cause living at the station is a really rough living Have a granola bar and a pair of socks Want another pair? We got lots! Socks by the pack and bars by the box Stacks of snacks in sacks, we come stocked We call it a blitz, ‘cause it is fast paced We cover all the ins and outs of the place To make sure everybody gets a bite and fresh socks to keep their feet warm at night Like a British flapjack reborn as a rap snack Swing it in a sock like a sap or a Black jack If you don’t want it now stash it in your knapsack Chewy, crunchy, oats and honey We bought and brought a lot for you to munch, see Sweet and salty, fruity, nutty Two for you and two for your buddy Have a few pretzels soft warm and fresh Really Philly style, have a pretzel sesh We brought the grain, even caught the train Next weekend, you know we’re gonna do the same
Real Men Die 02:52
Real men die Women pass away If a guy passes, Then he is gay Men die hard Like Bruce Willis Women die soft Some are named Phyllis Real men bite it It is the dust AKA the big one Boom! They go bust Men get stiff With rigor mortis That’s true grit A book by Charles Portis Women get all sissy And console each other Because they get misty And love one another You mourn your friends If you are pansy Just grunt “He end” If you are manly Cry if you are sensitive Men just say “Oh. He not live.” Women give hugs Men give pounds Then get laid In burial mounds I smell like a man It is the truth Come over here If you want proof I'll smell worse When I'm not alive So sample my musk While I live and thrive Sistren get all sissy And console each other Because they get misty And love one another You mourn your friends If you’re namby-pamby Just grunt “He end” If you are manly Truth is, dying Is kind of a guy thing
Now I may be nothing but a humble spleen merchant But I do know one thing -- that Mary Steenburgen Brought her arm unalarmed to an esteemed surgeon For a procedure more routine than urgent Yet she would never again be the same Anesthesia breathed a new seed in her brain Unlocked all the melody that she contained Reborn like a phoenix in a musical version Overflowing, tunesmith talent emerging Full steam ahead like a mighty steam urchin LA to Nashville country scene immersion Her new dream to burgeon, and now she is shining A flowing, rhyming, lyric-lining Country-twanging, singing-slinging Very Merry Steenburgen ...and Ted’s dancin’
The courage to be compulsive The audacity to speak truth to willpower To indulge and be indulged To beat the dead horse and lick the pan The followthrough to show no mercy You are not done until it is done And overdone and then you’re done for To be compelled by compulsion To fulfill daily obligation To consume the consummation A consummate profession To take, and take no joy To eat, just to destroy Each wrapper emptied is progress The courage to speak truth to willpower To bravely speak truth to willpower
People ask me why I never find a place to stop And settle down, down, down I never wanted all those things That People use to justify Their lives, lives, lives I was born Born to be alive It's good to be alive Good just to be Time was on my side When I was running down the street It was so fine, fine, fine A suitcase and an old guitar And something new to occupy My mind, mind, mind We were born Born to be alive


This album is mostly created with royalty-free samples from a ubiquitous loop library (Apple loops). Some of them are time-compressed, stretched, sliced, shuffled, processed, pitchshifted, reversed, and/or layered, some are not. Though they are called "loops", few of them are repeated here.

On two songs a software "drummer" feature was used to generate beats (according to broad and simple guidance) which could be edited and layered, and from which other instrumentation was derived via MIDI.

The last song contains nothing but a new original recording of real acoustic guitar and vocals -- but I didn't write it... or play the guitar... or create the guitar arrangement.

No Content Required!


released July 13, 2021

Mixing (and some vocal and dulcimer tracking) by Zach Goldstein
Mastering by Alex Nagle

Lyrics on 1 transcribed from documentary dialogue originally spoken by Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield
Metal vocals on 1 by Eli Litwin
"Drums" on 2 by "Anders", "Max", "Ian", "Jesse" and "Logan"
3 contains samples of Buju Banton's voice
Guitar and keys on 2, dulcimer and bass on 5, synth bass on 6 by GK
Backing vocals on 3 by Hattie Korein
Second chorus vocals on 4 by Alex Vallejo
5 contains a sample of Kelly Clarkson and her band
Backing vocals on 10 by Alex Vallejo, Hattie Korein and Liz Bot
Guitar on 10 by Shane Parish
10 written by Patrick Hernandez
Cover stock photo by Hattie Korein




George Korein and the Spleen Philadelphia

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