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We Killed Time

by George Korein and the Spleen

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Some hit the bottle Some hit the bong Some hit the brothel Or 3D HD pong Some binge on TV some binge on ice cream Some guys were born To watch porn all day long But the one taboo One must never do: Never, under any circumstance ever, Get into philosophy Some hit the needle Some hit the slots Some get into betting And blow everything they’ve got Some sip the sizzurp Some slurp the sterno Some get all hepped up Until they turn nocturnal Some read their feeds compulsively Every waking minute like me But one thing I can say for myself: I never got into philosophy
We killed time, without a plan We filled time, with whatever at hand We killed so much time, it was a goddamn slaughter One of our murder methods made you birth a daughter We killed time, yeah we drained that hourglass Broke its neck to make sure the grains fell fast We killed time, obliviously obliterated it Now it’s history, memory, mere mutating remnants We killed time like master assassins Made each day pass away faster than the last one We killed time, oh yes, we made it look easy Like we just couldn’t wait to turn 83 Even the pros’ minds are blown by how we prosaically crastinate Some want to fuck the world, we’re content to just masturbate We killed time, it was an utter rout We killed time like gods of layabouts We killed time, we massacred the moments We killed time, we vanquished Chronos We killed time, time didn’t stand a chance Without lifting a finger we made the hour hand advance We killed time, we absolutely crushed it By taking our sweet time we completely rushed it We killed time, didn’t leave much of a corpse Made it expire with swift and overwhelming force Pure annihilation the clock around Not a minute left nor a second to be found We killed time and we share the bond of complicity We killed time, and we could waste infinity


released January 19, 2022

Music, lyrics and vocals by GK
Mixed by Zach Goldstein
Mastered by Alex Nagle




George Korein and the Spleen Philadelphia

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